Modular measurement
data management


Administration and visualisation of measurement data

New module: ZR-Fix.
Comfortable verifying and correcting of measurement data.

TopoDesk combines administration, maintenance, visualisation, calculuation and evaluation of time based monitoring. Data transfer processes can be controlled by Callisto or Pulsaro.

TopoDesk can be accessed over network or run on local computers. Also multi-user support is available. Data maintenance, evaluation and data import can be done in parallel. All data is stored in a centralised pool, accessable from all workstations over network.

Through the graphical interactive interface, the whole system is very easy to use. The map and axis containers are the two essential interactive elements of TopoDesk.

TopoDesk is based on the time series management system TopoDB, the runtime environment ag and Azur, a programming languege optimised for working with time series.

Essential functions of TopoDesk:

  • Central user interface
  • Map controlling
  • System tools
  • Master data
  • Code relations
  • Time series
  • Input of single values
  • Visualisation of time variation curves
  • Capacity
  • Rate and period
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