Evaluation and
Correction Of Observations

Automatic evaluation and reconstruction of measurement data

The ECO-system evaluates time series automatically and corrects them online.

For measurement data, e.g. retrieved by Callisto and stored in a time series, an evaluation request is send to the ECO-Server afterwards. The ECO-server receives from a DBTP-server the corresponding master data to the time series. It contains the profile created by TopoDesk with evaluation and recontructing algorithms to make use of.

Hence, the corrected data can fast be processed, for example to publish it on websites or to apply in models. The automatic data flow is not interrupted, everything is done online.

For evaluation, the ECO-server receives all needed time series from the TSTP-server, defective areas are corrected and then rewritten by TSTP.

The DBTP-server receives a result log file, which is stored in a MySQL data base. With TopoDesk and HyDaMS reports can be reviewed, which were created by JasperReports-Skripts, generated directly from the MySQL data base, if necessary with TSTP access.

Evaluation algorithms:

  • Fixed limit in profile
  • Fixed limit in profile per calendar month
  • Longtime extrema as limits
  • Verifying mean values of different durations
  • Verifying sums of different durations
  • Gradient check
  • Flatliner check
  • Extended flatliner check
  • Correlate parameters
  • Mean values of neighbour stations
  • Mean values of neigbour drain discharge
  • Regression check
  • Raster data comparison

Reconstruction algorithms:

  • Protocol only
  • Apply gap
  • Linear closure
  • Interpolate from neighbour stations
  • Regression from neighbour stations
  • Use raster data
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