and editing
of time series

Visualisation and editing of time series

TopoVit is for visualising time series and real series as well as graphical and table editing.

It is possible to show up to 20 stations in three separate axis systems in parallel and edit these series. With many colors, different line withs and line styles, it is easy to distinguish them. The shown time frame is fast change- or adabtable. Through the control elements beneath the axis systems the time frame can be moved, increased or reduced. The actual layout can be saved and later reloaded.

Main features of TopoVit:

  • Loading, selecting and deleting series
  • Creating, loading, saving and editing different qualities
  • Display as points, bar diagram or skyline
  • Visualisation of minimum, maximum, mean value, sum and trend line
  • Showing and changing time series attributes
  • Fast table editing with the value-pair-editor
  • Printing actual graphical area
  • Exporting series in different formats (PDF, SVG, ...)

TopoVit costs 2900 Euro net.

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