We produce and sell

  • High performance time series databases
  • Software for sensor networks
  • Mobile applications
  • Applications for Big Data


January 2017:

Polar coordinate system for TopoRast, the data base for grid data.

September 2016:

New TopoDesk module: Quick Survey of rainfall frequency analysis data. Rainfall events and their return periods displayed in the map, a table and time series graphics.

June 2016:

New TopoDesk module QWest for editing and creating rating curves.

May 2016:

The toposoft Bug Reporting System is activated. The login page for customers can be found here.

March 2016:

New TopoDesk module ZRFix simple graphical method for correcting and checking of time series.

February 2016:

TopoVit, the module for visualisation and editing of time series, has got a makeover.

August 2015:

The runtime environment ag.exe for Windows is now available as 64 bit version.

Juli 2015:

With Kriging grids can be created from many time series.

June 2015: is accessible with SSL encryption.

May 2015:

For every value in the time series database a quality attribute can be set (1 byte). These can be retrieved via the tstp server.

Febrary 2015:

New type Multi-Zeitreihe is capable of storing multiple values at one point in time. It is used in QWest and for groundwater temperature profiles.

January 2015:

New Version of ag (run time environment) ready to ship. New features (e.g.): symbols or graphics useable as elemt labels, scrollable windows, new elment "tree structure", Windows 7 look. Available for Windows and Linux.

October 2014:

New Product: RastIO, Web interface for the Grid Time Series Database TopoRast.

Example, Forecast of temperatures for the morning of the day after tomorrow:

March 2014:

New communication module for secure data transfer over SSL, e.g. for the data call with Callisto over HTTPS.

February 2014:

New ZR-Formula and Azur function: LangJahr

November 2013:

The map is now scrollable by mouse button and zoomable with the mouse wheel.

November 2013:

3D-Polygone and perspective view with vanishing point introduced.

Mai 2013:

Azur, tstp, TopoDB, TopoRast, Callisto ported to Android.

Mai 2013:

Our complete sofware is now able to run on ARM CPU based systems.

April 2013:

New Azur function: FTPMultiPut()

March 2013:

New Azur function: UserBreak()