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StarkRegenCongress - SRC 2019
11.-12. September 2019, Gelsenkirchen.
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DWA Landesverbandstagung NRW
3. July 2019, Ruhrfestspielhaus, Recklinghausen.
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Day of Hydrology
28. & 29. March 2019, KIT, Karlsruhe
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Proceedings from HyDaMS (S. 46)

Bochumer Hydrometrie-Kolloquium
20 & 21. February 2019, Bochum.
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Rainfall frequency analysis with Kostra 2010R data
Annual rainfall are now also available after SRI12. Rainfall frequency reports TopoDesk and TopoCity are now also available with data from KOSTRA 2010R. Thus, semi-transparent location-dependent SRI12 colorations of Radolan grids are now possible against the background of OpenStreetMap data. The grid sectioning takes place automatically. The determination of the KOSTRA grid area is also now automatic. The KOSTRA shapes in Lambert projection now directly load into a UTM or Gauss-Kruger map.

All services (tstpd, toporelay, toast etc.) are now also accessible via https.

The mobile data collection via the Android app TopoMobil now runs on toporelay and can therefore transmit the data directly through the firewall to the in-house server.

New product: TopoCity. Community custom-tailored system that directly connects to OpenStreetMap and Radolan.

The map background can now be created automatically with maps from OpenStreetMap. When zooming, the maps are automatically reloaded with the appropriate scales.

Radolan RW-Produkt
Raster data (Radolon RW product) can be automatically loaded and displayed by the DWD server. A rapid heavy analysis is carried out en passant.

Polar coordinates
Polar coordinates for TopoRast. TopoRast now also stores polar coordinates and imports precipitation totals from UVF data.

Rapid heavy rain analysis
New module for TopoDesk: heavy rainfall analysis, occurence, and their recurrence in the map, table, and TS-graphics.

New module for TopoDesk: QWest, for editing and creating runoff curves.

Fehlerheft - Error Issue
The toposoft bug book Fehlerheft is unlocked. You as a customer can report errors here (please register first).


New module for TopoDesk completed: ZRFix, for graphical correction and inspection of time series data.

TopoVit, the module for visualizing and editing time series data is now available in a new version.

Quality attribute
In the time series database, a quality attribute can be stored for each value (1 byte). These can be called via the TSTP server (see manual).

Multi-time series
The new time series type multi-time series allows you to save many values per point in time. This type is used, for example, in the run-off curve editor QWest or in managing groundwater temperature profiles.

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