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Stable and high-performance retrieval software for measurement data
Our service Callisto periodically retrieves data from different sources in various formats over many protocols. Callisto obtains data from FTP servers, http, and https servers, modems, process control systems, directories, and various TCP/IP protocols. Callisto has been developed since 2000, and has been continuously extended to include the latest fetching techniques and data formats. Each call is delegated to a separate process. While many of these processes are retrieving new data, the main process handles the results of previous calls. Saving in toposoft's proven time series database is as usual high-performance. The data are then immediately ready for further processing (e.g., for the Pulsaro or TSTP services).

For important time series, alarm thresholds can be set (3 levels). If Callisto determines that the thresholds have been exceeded or fallen below during data retrieval, it will send configurable alarms via e-mail. Callisto keeps track of errors encountered during retrieval, forwarding, or saving. These errors can be periodically, e.g., 2x a day, summarized in an error log. Errors in important time series are sent by e-mail. This allows a prompt reaction to a failure of a measuring point.



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