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OUR PRODUCTSDurable, robust and high-performance


  • Measurement Data Management System

  • Management and visualization of time series, measuring points, boreholes, pumps, and land parcels

  • Calculation, evaluation, statistics, reports

Produktname TSTP

  • Network interface for the measurement data management system

  • Reading and writing for third-party systems

  • Central component of the data hub


  • Timed retrieval of measurement data

  • Generation and sending of alarms

  • Scalable from 1-1000 views per day

Produktname TopoHub

  • Use of UDP datagrams and multiprocessing

  • Delay-free completion of time series through immediate processing of received data

  • FTP- and http interface in preperation

Produktname Pulsaro

  • Data sending service for measurements and reports

  • Which data is sent when and where is freely configurable


  • Automatic testing and reconstruction of measurement data

  • Event logs are sent to the DBTP server

  • Configurable via TopoDesk

Produktname Toast

  • Middleware for your website

  • Generates PNGs from pre-built layouts

  • Creation of the layouts in TopoVit

Produktname TopoServer

  • SQL-enabled Time Series Management System

  • From the network drive to the network protocol

  • Reliable internal data exchange

Produktname TopoCity

  • Evaluation of radar data

  • Display rendered over time (online and offline)

  • Comparison of radar data and station data as time series

Produktname TopoRast

  • Analysis of radar data

  • Display rendered over time (online and offline)

  • Multi-parameter raster (e.g., ensemble data)


  • Collect metrics via Android app

  • Record and acknowledge comments in the field

  • Log out old gauges, log in new ones

Produktname Azur

  • Programming language for processing time series, master data, geo-data and grids

  • Large number of built-in functions

  • With AZUR our modules can be extended as desired

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