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Evaluate, validate, and edit
With ZRFix you can review, compare, and enhance or reconstruct time series. For the reconstruction, it is also possible to generate substitute curves from series for comparison or from other time ranges of the series being edited, which can then be further processed and inserted into the desired time ranges. The series to be edited is loaded as an editable copy as well as a read-only original into editable axes of coordinates. Each change can be assessed in the visual context of the last saved version. It is stored in quality layers, either in the current highest quality layer of the respective change areas or in an automatically, newly established, next highest layer. The quality layer 0 is reserved for the raw data. Depending on the setting, the highest quality, the two highest, or all available quality levels in the range are shown.

You can load series for comparison in some axis crosses or put them over the series being edited. With several loaded series for comparison you can load them into the editable axes with just one click of the mouse, remove them from there, or exchange them directly with the time series being edited. Changes to the edited time series can be reversed in several stages before the final save. All changes are logged in a logbook. In it you can search or filter entries with patterns. Double-click on an entry to jump to the respective changed area. This allows you to quickly find changes made earlier. Contextual toolkits cover a variety of problems without overloading the work environment. Extensive search functions lead to peculiar areas in the time series and mark these for further processing.


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