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From the network drive to the network protocol
Unfortunately, still in many companies rigid network drives dominate the digital storage system. This not only places a demand on time and creates stress for the staff, but also leads to costs, because documents have to be laboriously searched in the depths of the file system. As network drives are not only outdated and slow, but meanwhile there are also massive problems between Windows 10 and Linux servers (Samba), our product HyDaMS would no longer receive approval from the IT department. Because with network problems, there is a risk that the entire time series will be corrupted. A subsequent restore may result in the loss of current data.

Therefore, we recommend that you switch to the TopoServer architecture. The transition gives you faster and more secure access to your data. This allows you to work smoother and faster as we have optimized the time it takes to look up time series. In addition, you no longer have to worry about network problems causing the entire time series to become corrupted because every write is consistent. This means that each write generates a valid state of the data or, if an error occurs, all data is written back to the state before the start of the write. In addition, the transition makes your Time Series Management System SQL-enabled.

The problem of the network drive

  • Entire database (time series + master data) writable for everyone

  • Restore causes loss of current data

  • Network problems risk of corruption in the overall time series

  • Massive problems between Windows and Linux server

  • Slow to look up time series

  • Would no longer receive approval from the IT department today

Your advantage by switching to the TopoServer

  • Time Series Management System (SQL-enabled)

  • reliable internal data exchange

  • good communication between Windows computer and Linux server

  • fluid and faster work



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