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TSTP - Time Series Transfer Protocol
Open and flexible access to Toposoft time series management
A measurement data management system is at the center of a large number of applications and services that supply it with data and obtain measurement data from it. We offer an automatic interface called the TSTP service. Over TSTP, modules are sent that retrieve data, e.g., a process control system; measurement data in the time series database from toposoft. The protocol is transparent and easy to implement. Modules reading data from the time series database also handle this via the TSTP service. You send a URL with the order and receive the data in XML or binary format.

To list the variety of possible uses of the TSTP service would go beyond the scope of this page. So here's an example: The TSTP service can receive shape files (shp + dbf). It reads the surfaces of the shapes, and sends the perimeters to the grid database TopoRast. This sections the grids with the perimeter and aggregates the data. It passes these to the TSTP service. This forms time series and sends them as XML or binary. Thus, the N/A model (e.g., MikeFloodWatch) with area precipitation and temperature resources are provided for the basins.



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