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Mobile data collection in the field
With TopoMobil you can record data in the field, and send it directly to the time series database in the office. TopoMobil is an Android app tailored for smartphones. It interfaces with the time series database via TSTP. Thus, newly acquired data is written and displayed in a graphic for control along with inventory data. You scroll through a list of measuring stations or search within it. The parameters to be recorded are configured per measuring station (done via TopoDesk). You now enter the values and, if necessary, information about them. In addition, you can retrieve job site tasks that you or your colleagues have prepared in the office (such as cutting grass). You can also capture notes (e.g., dam removed).
The acknowledgment of the task and the notes are automatically sent to the office.
Now the question arises: my IT has surrounded all computers in the office with an impenetrable firewall.

How do you get the data into it? toposoft has an answer to that. It is the service Toporelay. This runs on an external server and keeps the connection with the external Android devices. From the office, a free port connects to toporelay and the data is synchronized in both directions.



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