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Comprehensive discharge curve Manager
The TopoDesk QWest module allows you to create and analyze discharge curves (key curves) through a user-friendly interface. The discharge curves can be generated both hydraulically (e.g., Poleni, Manning-Strickler) and as a function (e.g., power, exponential) across the W/Q pairs. The measurements to be taken can be filtered in QWest according to different criteria (e.g., season, time period, W and Q limits). QWest gives the user full control over generating the discharge curve. This allows you to create a discharge curve by placing breakpoints freely or by putting together a maximum of five curve parts.

In addition, the measurement values, the validity ranges, and the measuring profiles can be subsequently adjusted. All values used to create a discharge curve are permanently stored in a XML file. So you can always understand how a curve was designed. Designs can be used to experimentally calculate the discharge that can then be juxtaposed with the existing curve.


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