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TOPOSOFTPersonal, international, competent

Our services

We create and distribute software systems for the water, agricultural, and energy management. Using our high-performance time series database, we can quickly process, evaluate, and visualize large amounts of data. Together with you, our experienced engineers, and computer scientists develop an individual solution to your problem. Our satisfied customers in Germany and abroad demonstrate our market presence.

Our philosophy

Software is like a toolbox. It must contain useful, easy-to-use tools. On the one hand, these should help to do routine work, but also make special tasks and new approaches possible. The tools of the software are the modules. At Toposoft, our aim is to create very long-lasting modules. But also our goal is to adapt these modules over and over again to meet changing demands.

PRODUCTSLong-lasting, robust and high-performance


  • Measurement Data Management System

  • Management and visualization of time series, measuring points, boreholes, pumps, and land parcels

  • Calculation, evaluation, statistics, reports


  • Timed retrieval of measurement data

  • Generation and sending of alarms

  • Scalable from 1-1000 views per day


  • Automatic testing and reconstruction of measurement data

  • Event logs are sent to the DBTP server

  • Configurable via TopoDesk


  • Use of UDP datagrams and multiprocessing

  • Delay-free completion of time series through immediate processing of received data

  • FTP- and http interface in preperation


  • Collect metrics via Android app

  • Record and acknowledge comments in the field

  • Log out old gauges, log in new ones

Produktname TSTP

  • Network interface for the measurement data management system

  • Reading and writing for third-
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